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Welcome to Technopark, India’s largest and greenest technology park. 


Located in the heart of Thiruvananthapuram, the vibrant capital of Kerala, Technopark is the cornerstone of India's IT landscape. With its cutting-edge real estate offerings and collaborative coworking spaces, it sets the standard for sustainable development, IT innovation, and employee-centric initiatives.


Join us at Technopark as we redefine the future of technology and workspace collaboration.


Thiruvananthapuram is globally recognized for excelling in education, healthcare, and social equity – three pillars of exceptional growth and resilience. Technopark is acclaimed for being a centre for grassroots innovation, attracting top tech talent, and offering affordability with low attrition rates.



Innovation Catalyst. Excellence Nexus.

Technopark, a premier technology hub in India, optimizes operations, empowering innovators to focus on global-scale ideas. Join our dynamic community to immerse in an innovation-driven ecosystem. We prioritize seamless business operations, empowering companies to dedicate efforts to progress. Experience our vibrant technology park, fostering company growth in a supportive environment.

Planning A Visit? 

Technopark's fully online visitor management system is designed to make your entry seamless, and secure. Please use our visitor management system, accessible through web-browsers, and a dedicated mobile app.

Looking For New Office Space 

Technopark is the most important IT real estate provider in Kerala, and the center of innovative technology in Trivandrum. We maintain a queue system based on daily enquiries regarding space requests.

Readily available Land for Long Term Lease 

Readily available Land for Long Term Lease

Readily available IT Builtup Space - Owned/ Co-developers 

Readily available IT Builtup Space - Owned/ Co-developers

Campus Wise Details 

Details of the campuses and infrastructure.

Wondering How To Start Here? 

Technopark offers various space acquisition and setup models to start and scale businesses. Flexible models range from fully provisioned co-working modules at shared business centres to warm shell spaces, custom-to-build, and land-lease arrangements for larger campuses.

Directions, Bus, Train & Air Transport Options 

Whether you're using your own transport, or better yet, using public transport, Technopark offers excellent, hassle-free connectivity.

Find Something Out Of Order? 

Companies and employees are encouraged to use our online ticketing system to report and seek quick remediation to any problems at our campuses. All tickets are monitored, and tracked to full resolution. Please submit a ticket here.

Book A Shared Use Facility 

Technopark offers a variety of shared-use business and recreational facilities to our companies and their employees. Use our facility booking suite to check availability and book a shared facility for your next event or business meeting.


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Technopark is engineered to ignite growth, empower aspirations, and foster innovation, all while prioritizing the well-being and advancement of companies and their employees.

A Gateway to Global Growth for Your Businesses 


As the pioneering innovation park in Kerala, Technopark has served as the accelerating element in the state’s business environment, dating back to the 1990s. Progress is etched in our system, but our journey has been more than about providing cutting-edge facilities for industry leaders and future game-changers. Technopark, therefore, will be more than a springboard for your business. It is crafted to become a nerve centre for your every revolutionary decision.




Thiruvananthapuram: A Preferred Destination for Startups and Long-standing Businesses


Numerous professionals advancing in their corporate careers opt for Technopark in Thiruvananthapuram for various reasons. Renowned for its superior quality of life, the city offers top-notch healthcare, prestigious schools, fresh air, outstanding connectivity, and scenic surroundings. Technopark thrives in an advantageous environment supported by exceptional talent, minimum turnover rates, robust infrastructure, and cost-effectiveness.



Our Forte: Versatility and Flexibility


Our IT park in Trivandrum is a bedrock of simplified and crystal clear opportunities for growth. The size of your company or the complexity of your business do not pose limitations to our ever-evolving and inclusive ecosystem. 

If you are a small business, we have flexible and convenient fully outfitted shared office spaces with the most modern facilities your organization would need to grow and expand. On the contrary, if you are a large organization looking to expand your business here, explore the many options available, including a lease that would suit a variety of requirements and stages of business.


More Than Just an IT Park in Trivandrum, it's a Strategic Business Advantage


As remote and hybrid work models become the norm, and professionals increasingly choose to return to their hometowns, Thiruvananthapuram is experiencing a surge in skilled talent. This shift creates a significant advantage for companies at Technopark, located outside the congestion of major Indian cities. Technopark that offers unbeatable strategic value- here, you'll find lower operational costs, a highly skilled and readily available talent pool, and a thriving business ecosystem – a combination that's simply unmatched anywhere else.


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"An unlikely innovation supercenter, driven by the human spirit, and an environment that nurtures it."

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