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Our IT park in Trivandrum maintains a queue system to manage the daily enquiries for space received by clients belonging to various business models from the IT/ITES industries. Technopark maintains a separate queue for food court enquiries and commercial space enquiries. These requests are managed campus-wise. All space request applications must be completed and submitted online.

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In case of any clarifications, please feel free to reach out to The Customer Relationship Department at 0471-2700222 or write to response@technopark.org and vasanth.varada@technopark.org. Please Note, Technopark accept online space requests only."
On suitable vacancy, by the queue system, Technopark shall revert back to the client and would then ask to submit all the LIST OF ENCLOSURES as mentioned in the SPACE REQUEST FORM.
Technopark space management committee evaluates the business/ company profile, verifies the documents submitted and subsequent space allocation is done.
The decision of allotment of space within Technopark Campus is under the sole discretion of Technopark space management committee.
Please Note:- The Applications which got already allotted/offered/confirmed the space by Technopark space management committee is being taken off from the Queue System. The Queue System will be updated at weekly intervals. The "not interested" by the client/ rejected applications will be removed from the queue system maintained.

Steps to follow (Space Allotment):-

  1. In the application form, the request for space in IT/ITeS need to be duly filled up specifying the range. This helps to bring in more clarity in space allotment and help us to serve you better.
  2. Make sure the submitted application form is duly acknowledged either by email or acknowledged by Front Office, Park Centre within 48 hours.
  3. The submitted application will be captured in the respective queue current dated which is published in the link below. Applicant can view the application movement. Queue is updated on a weekly basis.
  4. The queue are maintained as follows:-

                For Technopark Phase 1- (a) IT built up space queue (b) SBC queue

                For Technopark Phase 3- (a) IT built up space queue (b) SBC queue

                For Technopark Kollam- (a) IT built up space queue (b) SBC queue

                Please Note:- Warmshell and IT built up space request is captured as a single queue in each phase. SBC is a seater facility which is plug & play. 

                All the above three phases carry separate food court & commercial queue also.

  5. One time revision/ change is accepted against the initial space request date only on change in sq.ft area mentioned or on change in seater specified. One time revision is not accepted to change an initial request from one queue to another.
  6. One time revision is applicable only for IT/ITeS space request and is not applicable for food court/commercial space request.
  7. The submitted space request application is placed in the appropriate queue. Space allotment happens when a suitable vacancy arise and the queue is vetted in the specified range where the vacancy falls. Thus Technopark reach back to the prospective client in the queue.
  8. Due to any reason, once the requested space is offered to a prospective client in the queue and if the client rejects/ not willing to accept the offer at that time, then the space request made will stand cancelled. The client is free to place a new request current dated.
  9. One More Chance (OMC) got approved with effect 01.02.2021. Prospective client in the queue can exercise OMC if the company wish to pass the space offer made by Technopark for one time to the next client by keeping his position in the queue intact as per the initial space request date. OMC is queue specific. OMC, once exercised by the client, if interested he can park his initial request up to a month’s time. The request will get active in the queue after the client’s preferred time or a months time by default from the date of exercising OMC. A month’s time is what the client can opt as his maximum slab.


For space request for Technopark Incubation facility, please reach out to Kerala Start Up Mission at the below shared link:- https://startupmission.kerala.gov.in
For Quick Contact at Kerala Start Up Mission: admin@startupmission.in




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