Technopark Hosts National Defence College Delegation: Highlights Kerala's IT Prowess

Technopark Hosts National Defence College Delegation Highlights Kerala's IT Prowess

A 16-member delegation from the National Defence College (NDC), New Delhi, visits Technopark

18th March 2024

On 18 March 2024, Technopark had the privilege of hosting a distinguished delegation from the National Defence College (NDC), New Delhi. Led by Shri Vijay Nehra IAS, Senior Directing Staff at NDC, the 16-member delegation included senior officers from the Indian armed forces, friendly foreign countries, and civil services. They included dignitaries from Oman, Mongolia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, and Kenya, among others.


The delegation was particularly impressed by Kerala's robust IT ecosystem. During their visit, they engaged in insightful discussions with Technopark CEO, Col Sanjeev Nair (Retd) and other officials. Col Nair provided a comprehensive overview, including the collaborative efforts within Technopark, the diverse range of IT/ITES companies, and the supportive network of organizations under Kerala IT.

He further emphasized the state's unique strength—a thriving IT sector fostered by a digitally empowered workforce, existing in harmony with the natural environment. The delegation also learned about the upcoming Technopark campus in Kollam, designed to be a premier "Workcation" destination, seamlessly blending work opportunities with Kerala's breathtaking beauty.

The visit to UST Global at Technopark Phase-II provided the delegation with a firsthand experience of the world-class infrastructure and exceptional environment offered by the park.

This esteemed visit signifies Kerala's dedication to building a thriving IT landscape. Technopark looks forward to fostering further collaborations that will drive innovation, growth, and national progress.

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