Technopark Drives Innovation with AI Skills Development

Technopark Drives Innovation with AI Skills Development

13th May 2024

On 13 May 2024, Technopark's IT wing hosted a captivating session at Park Centre, focusing on the latest advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools. This interactive workshop explored the potential of cutting-edge technologies like ChatGPT and their applications across various industries.


The session fostered a dynamic exchange of ideas as attendees engaged in discussions around the ever-evolving technological landscape. Led by Mr. Deepu S Nath, Managing Director of Faya Innovations Pvt. Ltd., the workshop delved into the practical applications of AI tools and their impact on the workplace.


A Collaborative Effort for Continued Growth


Mr. Madhavam Praveen, General Manager (Projects), and Mr. Azeeb A K, Manager (IT), emphasized the importance of such initiatives. Technopark aims to empower its workforce to adapt to the changing technological climate by equipping employees with the latest skills. This commitment to continuous learning fosters innovation within Park Centre, paving the way for greater efficiency and growth.


The Future of Work: AI Training Tailored to Your Needs


Building upon the success of this workshop, Technopark is excited to announce plans for advanced training programs in AI applications. Designed to address the specific needs of various departments within Park Centre, these tailored programmes will equip employees with the tools necessary to leverage AI for optimization and improved performance.